Successful companies present themselves with unique Lifestyle Photography in Lifestyle Magazines. They combine top photo models, fascinating photography of luxury or technology and stories about celebritys who use these products to become more famous.

What exactly is Lifestyle Photography? Positive emotions, pure joy, smiling faces, a relaxed way of life. Lifestyle Photography is an appealing style of photography that shows real-life situations with emotions. Authentic situations with a certain attitude to life are shown through photography.

Lifestyle Photography is staged people photography such as fashion photography, wellness photography, family photography, corporate photography, beauty photography for reports in magazines or advertising. Credible Lifestyle Photography shows naturally looking people from real life and puts the viewers in a good mood.
Fashion Magazines, travel guides, brochures, sale catalogs and daily newspapers use pictures to present fashion, news and services with Lifestyle Photography.

Lifestyle Photographer creates the perfect lifestyle story

Lifestyle photos are well-thought-scenes to arouse in the viewer feelings and hope to get something special.

The Lifestyle Photographer is looking for suitable Photo Models with acting talent to create the best possible photo story. The photographer is working in a team with a stylist, a hairdresser, a photo assistant and the customer. Together they search for the suitable environment, the right decoration, matching accessories and discuss the concept in every detail.

Which Lifestyle do you want to capture? What story do you want the photo to tell? The more precise your idea is, the more time and effort you should invest in the search for the right Photo Models. Much depends on the talent of the Photo Models - moving, acting, expressiveness and sometimes athletic appearance are crucial. And what’s most important: The Photo Models need to have charisma. A radiant smile wins the hearts of the viewers and takes them into the world of fantasy. If we find the perfect Photo Model for the photo idea, we get credible Lifestyle Photography.

Tahitian Lifestyle and Beauties Photography with Photo Models

Lifestyle Photography uses atmospheric colors, attractive people, beautiful clothing and exceptional model poses.

Many Europeans dream of French Polynesia, located in the South Pacific Ocean, and would love to enjoy all the attractions, the culture, the hotels, the restaurants, the nightlife and the numerous travel destinations. They dream of a tropical vacation on Tahiti, the Cook Islands, they dream of the coral reefs and lagoons on Bora Bora, Huahine, Maupiti, Raiatea and Moorea. Most French people who read or hear about Tahitian lifestyle photography think of Tim Mckenna’s Photography, a Photographer from Tahiti, who works in areas like Extreme Sports, Fashion, Nature, Lifestyle, as well as Aerial, Panoramic and Underwater Photography. He is one of the best photographers, with many ideas and perfect realization. The photos on his website are versatile and the landscape photography of Tahiti as well as the postcard photography of French Polynesia are impressive. The difference between Tim Mckenna and me: My job as Lifestyle Photographer is working in the luxury sector, like yacht photography, fashion photography, cosmetics photography, automotive photography, hotel photography and real estate photography. With my photography, I realize the lifestyle dreams of my customers.

Five Star Lifestyle Photography on location

Thanks to my mobile studio I’m very flexible and so I can offer Five Star Lifestyle Photography in the French Riviera, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein, Italy, Denmark, the Czech Republic and Sweden. As a professional photographer and dreamer I take unique glamorous photos in luxury hotels, yachts, restaurants, golf clubs and buildings with different styles such as luxurious, natural Tahitian, Hawaiian and modern style for exclusive customers. Tahitian and Hawaiian looking lifestyle photography are lived dreams of the photographer and we can realize these dreams with Russian or Brazilian photo models in the French Riviera to inspire other people. Is it going to be more expensive? Well, sure it is. You are going to be working with this Lifestyle Photographer for several days and not for just a few minutes. Quality always has its price, but in the end, a luxurious 5 star dinner with dessert in Monaco, Nice, Cannes, Saint-Tropez or Villefranche-sur-Mer in the French Riviera or in the Millionaires Club is something very special. The Lifestyle Photographer has the expertise and vision to ensure your satisfaction - no matter where you are located.

Lifestyle photography in the French Riviera

As Lifestyle Photographer I create Lifestyle Photography for advertising and commercial clients in the fields of automobiles, hotels, hospitality, spa and healthcare, yacht industries and I work with a mobile photo studio wherever I’m needed.
As an editorial photographer, I illustrate stories or ideas in their specific context in a magazine. Don’t hesitate to contact me for further information!

Lifestyle Photography in Business

A photo session with a woman who just loves posing for the camera will be much more useful in social networking than just a „cheesy headshot“. The number of purposes is unlimited, but in the end Lifestyle Photography always says more than "this person can smile". A Lifestyle Photographer is going to spend at least one hour to discuss the photos with you.

Are you looking for a Lifestyle Photographer? Does your daughter dream of a career as a photo model and would she like to be photographed as an exotic beauty on Tahiti? I'm happy to realize your wishes. Our team works in different styles and likes to put extraordinary ideas into action.

Do you need a new Lifestyle Brochure?

Does your label need a new story?
Magazines love expressive natural-looking lifestyle photos, the bright colors and my unique image editing.
We make a seemingly unnatural situation look natural and not staged!

Updated on 2014-05-26