Yacht Photo Exclusive Interior Decoration


The best views of your unique yacht interior and luxury yacht lifestyle captured by a professional photographer.
I’m a passionate yacht photographer who can’t wait to make your exclusive wishes come true.

Photographer and journalist specialized in yacht photography

I work for agencies and magazines or directly with customers as photographer and journalist. I create high-quality advertising photos and HDR photos. As designer, I make special retouchings (HDRetouching), brochures and I also design websites as well as mobile websites for iPhone and iPad.

Exclusive yacht photography with an emotional touch for your charter yacht

The best designers designed your yacht with love and attention to detail. The technical equipment as well as the furniture are of high quality. You have put money into a glossy brochure with brilliant photos - but still only a few people show interest in your yacht?
Why are some yachts frequently chartered, while others don't seem to attract customers?

Successful marketing with exclusive yacht photography and video
Successful marketing reaches the hearts of customers, who always look for something exclusive. Unique yacht photos can help you make millions. Marketing with exclusive photos is more than having a glossy brochure printed, or creating a website with photos. Would you like to learn more?

MONACO YACHT SHOW exclusive yacht photography around the clock

Monacoyachtshow at night.jpg

MONACO YACHT SHOW nice view of my workplace, my "photo studio" at Port Hercule in Monaco

Yacht interior photography: Art and hard work
Exclusive yacht interior photography includes the creation of different light moods and different types of exposure, which are selected and processed on a Apple Mac Pro. While the yacht owner sleeps soundly, the yacht photographer stays awake and processes the yacht photos with Adobe Photoshop. Yacht photography is not just art - it's hard work, too!

Updated on 2013-05-24